How can Integrated Marketing Communications improve your bottom line?

If you were to sum up Trainer Communications’ value proposition in two words, they would be “sales support.” Whether representing a white-hot technology company on the verge of an IPO or an emerging tech start-up, Trainer Communications, a top PR firm in San Francisco, applies a sales-driven angle to every campaign and program it executes, with a strategic approach to move the needle. What’s more, the company practices what it preaches with a first-of-its-kind forecasting model and MetricsMatter™ methodology that guarantees qualitative and quantitative results. Where almost all other PR firms in San Francisco flinch at the notion of public relations and analyst relations results guarantees, Trainer thrives on accountability as its ultimate pillar of differentiation.

Trainer Communications is a full-service public relations, integrated marketing and social media agency servicing the enterprise and consumer technology sectors. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley, Trainer Communications provides analyst and media relations, media training, case studies, newsletters, lead generation campaigns, video production, animation production, speakers bureau, awards and reviews programs, messaging, presentation creation, graphic design, Web content, Web design, social media programs, and other PR, marketing, digital marketing, and sales enablement programs.

Bay area web design specialist Trainer Communications has won multiple awards for its marketing and graphic design in San Francisco, including the Hermes Creative Awards, Bulldog Media Relations Awards, Videographer Awards, PRSA Awards, and MarCom Awards. Besides demonstrating excellence as a top PR firm in San Francisco, Trainer Communications’ has garnered multiple awards for in-house video production, including corporate, customer testimonial and animation videos.

Trainer Communications is a creative factory that leverages a variety of channels and mediums to reach both mass and targeted audiences through Metrics Matter™ that is a results-oriented approach that spans public relations, outbound marketing, inbound marketing, and branding. Whether it’s a marketing make-over, an out-of-the-box campaign to demonstrate innovation, or programs to sustain market leadership, Trainer Communications offers a unique competitive advantage for clients. Trainer represents clients of all sizes, building the differentiation needed to stand out as a leader, rapidly grow, and drive new opportunities.

Trainer Communications is located in the Bay Area, with offices in San Francisco and Pleasanton. Since being established in 1995, Trainer Communications has represented more than 300 companies in all aspects of integrated marketing -- from Web design, to graphic design, to video production, PR program management and much more. Contact us today at 925-271-8200 or through the contact us page to take your marketing to the next level.

Client Success Story: TrapX

July 15: We worked with our client TrapX Security providing content creation to media relations and everything in between. Check out the amazing coverage that resulted from Trainer’s media outreach. TrapX exposed a sophisticated,  state-sponsored attack on shipping and logistics industries around the world:

@ WSJ MarketWatch - Priya Anand: How Hackers are infecting shipping scanners

@ NetworkWorld - Lucian Constantin: Malware hidden in Chinese inventory scanners targeted logistics, shipping firms

@ DarkReading - Kelly Jackson Higgins: Chinese Hackers Target Logistics & Shipping Forms with Poisoned Inventory Scanners

@ CivSouce - Bailey McCann: TrapX Discovers New Malware- ‘Zombie Zero’

@ CyberJungle - Ira Victor: “Ira Victor of CyberJungleRadio interview Carl Write on APT Attacks on the Enterprise”

@ Forbes - Kurt Marko: How a Scanner Infected Corporate Systems and Stole Data: Beware Trojan Peripherals

@ SecurityWeek - Eduard Kovacs: Hackers Attack Shipping and Logistics Firms Using Malware-Laden Handheld Scanners

GivingBack @Trainer

July 12-13: Trainer for Tatas! The 2014 Team completed the 39 Miles in the top 20% of the 1,800 highly motivated walkers. This years Avon Walk - San Francisco raised a total of $ 4M and the Trainer For TaTa team would like to thank all of our sponsors! Read more about which life saving projects were sponsored with your generous contributions: Avon Walk - San Francisco 2014 - Press Release

The Trainer For Tatas 2014 Team

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Metricsmatter TM

Metricsmatter Trainer Communications' MetricsMatter(tm) guarantee means you get the results you need to support your business, or your money back...more.

As Seen on TV: AppDynamics

April 30: Bloomberg TV - A Rags to Riches Story for AppDynamics' CEO - AppDynamics CEO Jyoti Bansal explains how the company helps clients find and fix problems with their web and mobile applications. He speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Client News:       Tely Labs

May 27: Forbes - When Launching Your Startup, Consider These 5 Risks by Sreekanth Ravi, Founder - Tely Labs

May 24: Entrepreneur - When Launching Your Startup, Consider These 5 Risks by Sreekanth Ravi, Founder - Tely Labs

May 20: InformationWeek/Healthcare - Videoconferencing Connects Hospice Patients, Families by Alison Diana, Senior Editor - InformationWeek

Client Channel News: Xangati

April 24: CRN - Xangati, Developer Of Cloud Intelligence Tools, Expanding VAR Programs by Joseph Tsidulko - Senior Editor, CRN.

Client News: AppDynamics

April 24: WSJ - IPO-Minded AppDynamics Adds Former McAfee Chairman Chuck Robel to Board by Deborah Gage - Reporter, Wall Street Journal.

April 28: Forbes - Will CA Survive The Decade? Will CA still be around in 2024? Jyoti Bansal, founder and CEO of enterprise application monitoring software company, AppDynamics, said, “No. CA will be broken into pieces and sold to private equity.” by Peter Cohan - Contributor.

Client Update: Xirrus

July 14: RCR Wireless - Martha DeGrasse: FCC creates new opportunity for Wi-Fi providers. RCR Wireless News interviews Xirrus product marketing manager Bruce Miller on the FCC effort to increase mobile broadband access across the country, the Federal Communications Commission is budgeting $5 billion for increasing Wi-Fi access in schools through the federal E-Rate program.


Award-Winning Videos

Vodafone xone - We wrote and produced this entertaining animation for Vodafone xone to support the launch of an innovative new app - drivexone

Qylur - We raised the curtain for Qylur at a national media launch event in NYC. The Huffington Post included this video masterpiece in their article.

[24]/7 - Trainer's roving reporters hit the streets of San Francisco to survey "Joe Public" on behalf of our client [24]7. Enjoy candid comments, but we can entertain too. Roll the video.

Client Success Story: Qylur “The Brilliant Machine That Could Finally Fix Airport Security”

Australian fans pumped to see their team take on Spain during the first round of the World Cup were intrigued by the honeycomb-like machine that had replaced the standard manual search process. That machine is the Qylatron Entry Experience Solution from Qylur, and it could soon replace a crappy experience of going through secrity checks at airports and other venues with one that’s faster and less invasive.

Security Never Sleeps: Venafi

WSJ: "Google, Microsoft Race to Assess Heartbleed Vulnerability"
LA Times: "Heartbleed Bug' puts Web security at risk."
Security Week: "Content Distribution Networks Fuel Rising Threat of Digitally Signed Malware"
NWW: "Poorly managed SSH keys pose serious risks for most companies"
CSO: "CryptoLocker's success will fuel future copycats"
The Economist: "The end of trust"