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Goodbye Steve Jobs — You Will Be Missed

Goodbye Steve Jobs — You Will Be Missed

I’m here at Interop New York and when I first saw the news of Steve’s passing last night come through Twitter, I, like thousands, felt a sense of loss and sadness. In the aftermath, I have seen media legends — Om Malik, Walt Mossberg, and Anderson Cooper — all comment on what this loss means to technology and Silicon Valley; but I wanted to write what it means to the PR community.

Jobs did an amazing thing; he transformed high-tech concepts and produced universally-loved devices that my Mom had to have. He put color in machines; he made using a computer easy; he made getting a computer fixed easy (thank you Genius bar!); and he made technology cool again. I’ll admit that my Mom has a Macbook and an iPod, and just got the iPad 2 for her birthday.

By making his products user friendly and intuitive, Jobs broke down the education barrier for millions of people making it easier for them to understand technology worldwide. And for us PR pros, we were able to take that knowledge and apply it to our own clients. Wi-Fi, yes your iPhone can use it. Security? Yes, it applies to your iBook too. Before Jobs, only a handful of people both in press and technology would understand what an “app” is and what it could do for you.

Steve Jobs also taught the PR world other valuable lessons including how to present to an audience (ever been two minutes late to an Apple keynote? Good luck finding a seat. He was that good.), the value of being passionate about your products and how never to lose sight of what’s important for the customer.

So yes, we lost a brilliant thinker and a genius entrepreneur; but for PR, we lost a man who was the Willy Wonka of technology — able to bring pure imagination and wonder to technology — which for the most part has been cold and hard to understand. So thank you Steve Jobs. We here at Trainer Communications will miss you and will continue to learn from all that you taught us — especially, a little color goes a long way.

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